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October 26-29, 2017

Ben Lomond, CA

Cultivate Your Creative Spirit and Embrace the Wild Within


Enter a place dedicated entirely to your sense of self- your sacredness, your wildness, the creative life force energy that flows through your veins.

Choose to step away from the demands of everyday life into this immersive, joyful, magical experience designed specifically for women to relax, reflect, and nourish themselves.

Connect deeply with your creative energy and power and embrace your innate, intuitive abilities so you can have more space, more joy, more freedom, and more magic in your life.

Receive an experience where you get to map the inner wild landscape of your soul that feeds you and fulfills you, that lights you up from within and sets your heart on fire with passion, power, and possibility.


Welcome to Camp Fireheart.


The root of the word ‘Courage’ comes from the Latin cor or French coeur – meaning heart. To live with courage is to listen to and live by the voice of your heart. This weekend will be infused with ways to connect with your heart- the places you feel longing, the ways you experience joy, the people and places and possibilities that feed and fulfill you. Living from and for what lights you up, living from your heart- this is courage. Throughout the workshops, sessions, and activities you will receive tools, practices, and experiences that both show you the way of your heart and help you to navigate with and listen to that voice in your everyday life.


A woman who feels connected- to her body, to her soul, to the earth, to other women- this is a woman who is free. Everything about camp is designed to facilitate connection- both within and without. This experience will open up space for collaboration, choosing to find common ground, deepening your connection with your sense of self and how you connect with other people. You will learn how to connect and trust your body more deeply, how to connect with energy in an intentional way, and make connections with other women that will last a lifetime.


Your very life essence is that of creativity- the energy that flows through your veins, the spark of life that lives within all of us. Being creative, living a creative life, allowing your creative energy to flow out into projects, dreams, experiences is an expression of your own essence. Choosing to live a creative life and express your creativity and self is taking a stand and saying, “I’m worth it.” Throughout the weekend you will learn practices and processes, along with having many experiences, that will give you the opportunity to release blocks around creativity and self-worth, and create space to express yourself simply for the joy and love of it.


Life is so much more fun when we celebrate! When’s the last time you celebrated… being you? being a woman? your body? everything you have? other women? The energy of celebration says, “I choose to focus on what’s real and what’s available to me. I choose connection and collaboration over competition and separation. I choose to invite more magic in and expand my capacity to receive.” Celebration is a cornerstone of Camp Fireheart. You are celebrated here, exactly as you are- quiet, loud, messy, neat, shy, excited, and all of who you are. Throughout the weekend you will receive plenty of opportunities to explore what it means to celebrate yourself, your body, other women- and have a safe and sacred container in which to do so.

 The Magic of Camp 

Camp is a place where you disconnect to tune in. A place to dive into your heart, feed your inner fire, and access your creative nature amidst laughter, play, contemplation, and the magic of nature.

Nourishment for your Soul

Ground into your Body

Align your Mind

Cultivate Deep Heart Connections

Connect with the Magic of the Earth

Infuse your Reality with Play + Creativity

Celebrate, Play, and Connect all weekend long!

Wondering if Camp Fireheart is for you?

Sometimes it can be helpful to connect with a real live person to see if an experience is right for you. Kate would love to set up a call with you to discuss if this is a fit and get all your questions answered.

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 What’s Included 

Delicious, Nourishing Food

Three organic meals per day (plus snacks!) made from local ingredients with lots of care and love are designed to honor your body, fill you up, and support your creative growth and play time.

Cozy Lodging for 3 Nights

Charming, rustic cabins will be your home away from home throughout your Camp Fireheart experience. Nestled amongst the redwoods, your lodging is all taken care of so you can focus on playing, celebrating, and connecting.

Community of Like-Minded Souls

Get to know other women on the path of exploration and self-inquiry, all while celebrating and lifting each other up. Life is so much more fun when you’re surrounded by people who light you up and cheer you on!

Magical Goodie Bag + Camp Swag

You’ll receive a custom Camp Fireheart goodie bag filled with all things camp. Get ready for a mixture of practical, magical, and fun stuff designed for reflection, connection,  self-care, and creation.

Daily Morning Movement

Every morning and throughout the day you can choose from a variety of movement classes designed to drop you into your body, activate your creative energy, and celebrate you! All movement classes are designed for all ability and experience levels.

Arts, Crafts, and Creations

There will be many opportunities to make art, craft, and create from your soul. From heart vision painting to mala bead making to herbal tea blending, you will have plenty of items, both beautiful and practical, to bring home with you.

Workshops + Inspirational Talks

From body confidence to accessing your intuition to mythological storytelling to living a courageous life, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn, connect, experience, and grow your toolkit for living as a modern woman.

Transformational Experiences

From small group classes to all camp activities, you will be immersed in a space that allows for shifts and transformation in your body, in your mindset, in your energy, and in your life.

Evening Campfire Shenanigans

Come together around the campfire every evening to wind down, chat, and integrate your day full of art, movement, play, and soul work. Enjoy a glass of wine or some sparkling cider, laugh with new friends, and of course, s’mores!

Nature Time

You will have the perfect blend of being immersed in nature and being cared for in modern amenities. Many sessions and activities will take place outside so you can soak up all the magic the forest has to offer.

Exclusive Use of the Property

We have the whole Sequoia Retreat Center to ourselves, providing plenty of space for a quiet moment, forest exploration, and really getting to be wholly and unapologetically you!

Relaxation + Rejuvenation

This weekend is all about your body, your mind, your soul. You’ll have the perfect blend of stimulating and relaxing activities, and will get to spend three days focusing completely on filling your well with movement, art, connection, and more.

Ready to experience the magic?

A nourishing, playful, heart-full weekend is awaiting you! Click Here to Secure Your Spot for Only a $300 Deposit


Immerse yourself in the magical sequoia forests of Northern California. Our inaugural Camp Fireheart is taking place at The Sequoia Retreat Center, a gorgeous, sacred space located in Ben Lomond, CA- just under 2 hours south of San Francisco and 20 minutes north of Santa Cruz.

The Sequoia is the perfect blend of spaciousness and intimacy, tucked away on a hillside filled with areas to explore and be on your own (like a Labyrinth! and private hiking trails!), as well as easy access to the main lodge and community gathering spaces (can you say ‘multiple fire pits and deck lounging?).

With a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces to dine, play, learn, laugh, create, and expand, not to mention a beautiful balance of otherworldly mystical-ness (that’s a word) and really grounded, earthy vibes, The Sequoia is the perfect place to get your soul on and create some magic.

Let's Connect

We value real live connection here at Camp Fireheart, and would love to chat with you! Book a complimentary call to receive personalized information and support, get your questions answered, and see if this experience is for you.

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Sequoia Retreat Center is home to 13 charming cabins situated in the heart of the sequoias. Each cabin holds 3-6 beds (with a couple of exceptions) and an enclosed bathroom. Bedding, linens, shampoo, and soap are provided as part of your camp experience.

Accommodations are “choose your own adventure” style- you get to pick which type of cabin you want to be in (classic or deluxe) and which type of bed you want to sleep in (options range from single bunk beds in a shared cabin to a king bed in a private cabin or room). You will have the opportunity to learn more details about cabin types, bed types, and pricing for each when you click the link below.

*Options available for reserving an entire cabin for groups of 3-7- please contact for more information.

Curious about the different options?

Click here to check out the details and choose your bunk!

 Food + Nourishment 

As part of camp, you will receive three full meals each day, plus snacks available throughout your experience. The food at the Sequoia Retreat center is organic, fresh, local, and delicious (see also: made with love). Each meal is made on site, designed to be nourishing, filling, nutritious, and supportive of the work we are doing. We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Once you register we will work with you to make sure you are taken care of!

What others are saying about past events and retreats:

 “This retreat was magical. The way Kate stands in her truth and shows up so openly makes it so easy for each of us to do the same. I experienced growth that I didn’t expect, but thoroughly enjoyed. My heart feels so full not only from the work I did, but from all the connections I made and will cherish for a long time.” – Jessica Vasquez
“Before this experience, I was feeling so rushed, like all the things were happening at once- work, life, everything! I also was bringing some guilt into it because I’d “left home” and was doing something totally only for me. During the retreat I loved all the activities we did! And I enjoyed the fluidity of timing and structure and allowing things to relax and flow. Afterward I am feeling so calm and more grounded- like the world can still rush on past but I don’t have to let myself get caught up in it. I totally deserve to do things only for me and it’s awesome.” – Christine Gannon
“Before this retreat, I was nervous. I was walking into the unknown, and that’s uncomfortable. Through hiking in nature, ritual releasing ceremonies, body connection practices, nourishing meals, and interacting with the goddesses, I feel like this retreat was moving in the most shifting of ways. I learned a lot about myself, and after this retreat I feel like my passions are closer to my heart than ever. I feel a sense of relief knowing I actually don’t care as much about how people experience me. I feel like sharing myself and expressing myself, and I love it!” – Tasha Brandt
“This retreat was a wonderful time, where I felt truly cared for and my individuality honored. Before I arrived, I was feeling utterly in flux- I was aware of several crossroads rapidly approaching in my life, and am so thankful to have had the space created for this experience! I feel so much more grounded in my physical self, which is awesome, and I am now exploring the question: “What is possible if I am devoted to my own cause?” This retreat was an enjoyable, nurturing, and fulfilling experience!” -Tracy Richardson

 Workshops + Activities 

Yoga. Meditation. Art. Dance. Crafting. Crystals. Body Image. Courage. Playtime. Soul Revival. 

Specific workshop titles and activities to be announced soon!

 Your Magical Teachers 

Click on a photo to learn more!

Kate Marolt

Creative Catalyst, Body Alchemist, Founder of Camp Fireheart

Paula Mosier

Soul Seer, Ceremonial Healer, Tree Oracle

Steph Maes

Belly Dance + Yoga Therapeutics Instructor

ellen ercolini

Gem Essence Maker, Creator of The Frequency Method

zoe kors

Spiritual Sherpa. Pussy Whisperer. Founder of The Big Libido.

christine gannon

Kitchen Witch + Earth Mama

 A Day at Camp Fireheart 

Wake up with the sunrise around 7:30 each morning as the beautiful light filters through the trees. Make your way to the main lodge at 8 where Kate will lead a quick morning energizing and grounding practice to set you up for the day. Enjoy your breakfast in the lodge or cozied up on the deck, choosing conversation or a quiet moment to begin your day.

8am: Morning Energizing Practice
8:30am: Breakfast Time

As you finish your morning cup of coffee or tea, you take a moment to check in with your body- How do I feel right now? What workshops would best serve me today? From there, you make your way to your first session and enjoy moving, learning, creating, and connecting. Session two follows after a short break, and you finish off the morning with two immersive, small group experiences under your belt.

9:30am: Small Group Session One
11am: Small Group Session Two

Heading to lunch, you’re caught up in conversation with a new friend, or taking a moment to really feel your heartbeat as you breathe in the fresh air around you. After a nourishing, hearty midday meal, you head off to your last small group session of the day.

12:30pm: Lunch Time
2pm: Small Group Session Three

The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to a larger group experience, with freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please- choosing your own unique combination of togetherness and alone time, activities and rest, structure and fluidity.

3:30pm: All Camp Activity Stations

As the light begins to fade, you will gather with the group for an evening dedication and connection practice, allowing some space to integrate the magic of the day before heading to dinner around 6:30pm.

6pm: Evening Connection Practice
6:30pm: Dinner Time

Finally, you may choose to attend an evening session, or gather around the campfire for storytelling and connection time. Everything will wrap up around 10pm so you have plenty of time to wind down, release the day, and sleep and dream so you are refreshed and ready to do it all over again the next day!

7:30pm: Evening Sessions + Campfire Time
10pm: Good night!

Ready for nature, art, laughter, and rejuvenation?

Come feed your soul and nourish your body during this fantastic experience. Click here to Register With a Deposit of Only $300

 Frequently Asked Questions 

When is Camp Fireheart?

Camp begins the afternoon of Thursday, October 26th (arrival after 3pm) and concludes the morning of Sunday, October 29th (departure by 11am).

Where is Camp Fireheart?

At a magical place called The Sequoia Retreat Center, located in Ben Lomond, CA. The Sequoia is approximately 20 minutes from Santa Cruz, CA, and approximately 2 hours from San Francisco, CA.

How do I get there?

You have a couple of options! You can drive to Camp or fly into San Francisco. From the airport you can either choose to shuttle with us (pre-arranged times) or rent a car and drive down for some more flexibility.

The Retreat Center is easy to get to from the airport and we will provide directions before Camp begins.

If you are flying in, we recommend getting a flight that lands by approximately 1pm on the 26th and leaves after 2pm on the 29th.

Shuttle transportation to and from the airport is available for an additional fee, which can be purchased after your registration and up to 21 days before Camp begins. You will receive everything you need to know about ground transportation once you are registered!

Is transportation included?

No. You can either fly into San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or San Jose International Airport (SJC).

If you want to purchase a round trip shuttle ticket with us (info provided post-registration), plan to fly into SFO and arrive no later than 1pm on Thursday 10/26, and fly out of SFO after 2pm on Sunday 10/29.

If you fly into SJC you will need to get yourself to camp.

Rental cars are an option, and ride shares are encouraged. There will be a Facebook group for the event so you can coordinate.

Is there parking?

Yes, there are several parking lots at Sequoia Retreat Center. Parking is limited, so we recommend carpooling or planning to purchase a shuttle ticket.

What is the investment to attend Camp Fireheart?

Registration for Camp Fireheart ranges from $900 for a single bunk bed in a four person cabin to $1800 for a private cabin with a king bed. The majority of tickets are between $900-$1200 for shared accommodations, a bathroom inside your cabin, all meals, and all activities. See below for full list of what's included.

Ready to register? Click here to choose your bed and cabin type! (link to registration page)

What is included in the price of Camp? Are there additional expenses I should be aware of?

Your ticket to Camp Fireheart includes:

  • Lodging and linens (sheets, towels, etc.) for three nights
  • All meals (dinner on Thursday through breakfast on Sunday)
  • All scheduled sessions, workshops, and activities with our rockstar teachers
  • Four magical, nourishing, and fun days in the forest with a fabulous group of women
  • Other surprises!

Additional expenses to be aware of:

  • Travel to and from camp
  • Alcohol (available for purchase in the evening)
  • Merchandise (Camp swag, offerings from our teachers)
Do you offer a payment plan?

Why yes, we do! You can either pay in full when you register, or you can secure your space with a $300 deposit. From there, you will be contacted about payment plan options. All tickets need to be paid in full by December 21st, 2017.

What is the cancellation policy?

All Camp Fireheart tickets are non-refundable and 100% transferrable. This includes tickets on payment plans. If for whatever reason you do need to cancel, you have the option of finding someone to take over your ticket. If we happen to have a waitlist, we may also be able to transfer your ticket there.

Because of our policy, we highly recommend travel insurance. Many credit cards come with travel insurance (check with yours to be sure), or you can purchase travel insurance separately.

Who gets to play at Camp Fireheart?

Camp Fireheart is currently an event for women. This includes all people who identify as women, womyn, womxn, and any variation of the gender. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, and if you have questions or concerns about this please reach out at any time.

Due to the nature of this event, participants must be 18 or older.

We are not able to accommodate pets or children during this event.

If you have any physical limitations please be aware that the camp IS located in the woods, and there is elevation and walking paths throughout the retreat center. Certain accommodations are accessible, and if this is a concern for you, please reach out and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Can I bunk with my friends?

Absolutely! The maximum number of people per cabin is six. When you register, you choose which cabin you want to be in. Most of them are similarly laid out!  When you register, there will be a space to name who you want to room with.

Please note: Each cabin is made up of different types of beds, and when you purchase your tickets, you are purchasing a type of bed. The most common type of cabin is a quadruple cabin, shared between four people. For example, if there are four of you that want to room together, one person needs to buy a full bed, one person needs to buy a single bed, one person needs to buy a bottom bunk, and one person needs to buy a top bunk.

If you have questions about this or uncertain about how to make it work, reach out and we can work it out together.

*If you are a group of 5 or 7 or more, please email there are alternative options available for you!

Can I bunk with my partner? Are there private rooms available?

Yes! You and your partner absolutely can bunk together. There are a very limited number of private rooms available, so if that’s something you want, reach out ASAP to and we will share what’s possible for you.

If for whatever reason the private spaces are booked out or you are looking to save some money, there are options to stay together in full and queen beds in a couple of the cabins.

Can I come alone?

Definitely! Many campers choose to come alone and connect with new people. Everyone coming into this space is ready for connection, new friends, and open to possibilities. One of our cornerstones at Camp Fireheart is community- and what better way to create community than to join in with a group of women all choosing to be in this space? This experience is set up in a way where you will have plenty of time for intimate conversations and connections as well as being able to be a part of a bigger community.

Can I arrive late / leave early?

Although we would highly recommend planning to be at Camp for the entire experience, we understand that sometimes things happen and you may need to arrive late or leave a little early. This is absolutely okay. If you know in advance that this is part of your plans, please let us know so we can be aware of it. If anything happens during the event that causes you to want to leave, please find one of the teachers or staff so we can be of assistance. There are no discounted rates for late arrival and early departure. We also discourage campers from leaving the retreat center once you have arrived so that we can have a closed sacred container for the duration of the event.

How many people attend Camp Fireheart?

There will be 50 campers attending Camp Fireheart in 2017.

This event is designed to feel both like an intimate retreat and a larger summer camp community. There will be a combination of all camp activities and small group (max 20 people) workshops and classes so that everyone receives individual support and attention as well as having the opportunity to connect with many different types of people.

What are the accommodations like?

The cabins at Sequoia Retreat Center are charming, minimal, and cozy. Situated right in the heart of the redwoods, each cabin contains 3-6 beds (with a couple exceptions) and an enclosed bathroom. You are able to choose your bed in any of these cabins, and have the option to request roommates if you are coming with friends.

What’s the food like? When do we eat? How often? What if I have dietary restrictions?

The food at the Sequoia Retreat center is organic, fresh, local, and delicious. The meals are designed to be nourishing, filling, nutritious, and supportive of the work we are doing. You will receive three full meals each day, and there will be snacks available throughout the day.

Mealtimes will be approximately 8am, 12:30pm, and 6pm (subject to change).

If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know when you fill out your Camp Welcome Questionnaire (which you will receive upon registration). We are able to accommodate most restrictions, including dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions!

Please note: Due to the nature of the retreat space (aka, out in nature), we discourage you from keeping food in your cabin. If you have snacks that you must bring, there is limited space available for food storage.

Will there be alcohol?

Yes, there will be wine and champagne available for purchase in the evening. There is plenty of space built into Camp for relaxing, conversation, and unwinding, and we totally understand that alcohol has a place in all of that for many people. There is absolutely no pressure or emphasis on alcohol consumption, and there will be alternatives (such as sparkling water with lime and juice) available if you would prefer a non-alcoholic beverage in the evening.

Please note: Policy states that you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol. Please stick to purchasing beverages if that’s what you choose.

What technology should I bring? Is there WiFi? Cell service?

We encourage you to leave your tech at home for the weekend. Cell service is not great once you arrive at the retreat center, and WiFi is only available at the main lodge. Feel free to use your phone to take photos (#memories!), and, as part of the vision of Camp is to really ground into your body and connect to your inner wisdom, it’s a great opportunity to take a break from social media, texting, email, and all the little ways we tend to distract ourselves from the present moment.

What do I need to bring?

Before camp begins, you will receive a fully detailed suggested packing list. To begin, plan to bring clothing that you feel comfortable in, clothes that you can move in (for yoga, dance, hiking, etc.). Shoes and clothes that you don’t mind if they get a little dirty. The temperatures in Northern California can fluctuate, and it will get cool at night. We recommend a couple of warm layers to keep you cozy! We also recommend a rain jacket or something similar in case it does rain. If you have a yoga mat or special equipment you need for yoga classes, plan to bring those as well. There will be yoga mats provided if you don’t have one.

Do I have to go to every workshop, session, and activity?

Nope! All workshops and activities are optional. Each session time will have a variety of classes that you can attend, and they are all on a first come, first served basis. You will be invited each day and in each moment to tune into your body and your heart and choose what will be best for you.

What kind of physical condition do I need to be in in order to participate in the workshops and activities?

All workshops and activities are designed for all levels of experience. Yoga, dance, movement, hiking… all levels are welcome. You are also encouraged throughout the event to tune in to your body and choose whatever you most need in each moment, including rest.

Camp is located in hilly terrain, and there is elevation along the paths and walking to and from class locations and cabins. Be prepared for walking, and if that is a concern please reach out.

When is the final schedule released?

You will receive a detailed schedule approximately one month before camp, with the final final version (subject to change)* handed to you when you arrive at camp.

*Written as a joke, and, of course, there is always the possibility that things will shift around!

What if I have more questions?

Great! You can reach out to us at and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Or, if you prefer to talk to a real human person, click here to schedule a complimentary call with Kate and she will chat with you all about all of your questions and needs.

Ready to dive into the magic and experience a life expanding weekend?

Come join us in the forest for soul revival, body connection, creative celebration, and more! Reserve Your Space for Only a $300 Deposit

 Giving Back 

It is important to us at Camp Fireheart to boost and support organizations that are in alignment with our mission and vision.

When you register for Camp, 10% of all proceeds goes toward benefitting Girls, Inc., an international organization that teaches girls how to be Strong, Smart, and Bold through direct service and advocacy. Girls Inc. equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and to grow up healthy, educated, and independent. To learn more about Girls, Inc., visit

Love the idea of Camp, and still a little on the fence?

Let’s have a conversation. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to an actual person about an event or experience to make sure it’s what you are looking for. Kate would love to hop on the phone with you and connect on what you are seeking, answer your questions, and help you decide if this is the experience for you.

Click here to set up a call